Travel Safe

1 year ago Thu 8th Oct 2020

With more and more people getting back on board, it's more important than ever that we work together to keep ourselves and others safe.

If you are travelling, please follow the following safety and hygiene measures to help protect you and your fellow passengers and make your journey as safe as possible.

Sit down where you can

Please avoid standing if possible as this will help to minimise contact and allow people to travel through the bus easily without passing other passengers closely. Only stand if absolutely necessary.

Drivers will only allow the correct number of people on each bus. Please bear this in mind if travelling during peak times. There will be a notice board near the driver stating how many passengers the bus can hold.


Please wash or sanitise your hands before and after travel. We have hand sanitiser on board if you have forgotten yours.

All our buses are now cleaned using Zoono Z71, an environmentally friendly product which is a long term antimicrobial surface treatment that works to kill a range of viruses.

Face coverings

Wearing a face covering is now a personal choice, so please respect the decisions of other passengers. Our driver screens are remaining in place.

Contactless payment

Please pay for your ticket using contactless payment method or via the Go Cornwall Bus app if possible - not only does this reduce the need for money changing hands, it's quicker for you!

Busy periods

If you are concerned about social distancing, you may wish to avoid some routes at busy times of day. Our peak times are usually during the morning and afternoon rush hour. 

Let's all work together to travel safe.