Timetable improvements from Sunday 31st October

2 days ago Thu 14th Oct 2021

We’re making some changes to our timetables from Sunday 31st October to improve routes and reliability across the county.

The majority of changes are minor amendments to make our timetables more reliable.

We’re also introducing the 26A which, in combination with the 26, will provide a half-hourly service between Bodmin and St Austell and will be making changes so it’s easier to make connections between services around the Newquay area.


Timings improved to link to service 29 from St Austell to Newquay


Minor changes to improve reliability


New service serving Roche and Cornwall Services.


Timings improved to make connecting journeys easier


Minor changes to standardise the timetable


Minor changes to link to service 29


1610 journey ends at Bodmin Shire House instead of continuing to Cooksland Industrial Estate


Minor changes to route on some journeys



You can download the service timetables here:

Service 25 timetable

Service 25A timetable

Service 26 timetable

Service 27 timetable 

Service 29 timetable

Service 30 timetable

Service 58 timetable

Service 89 timetable

Service 95 timetable