TFC Partnership with Cornwall Pride

1 month ago Fri 14th Jun 2024

Transport for Cornwall Proudly Becomes Official Travel Partner for Cornwall Pride

Transport for Cornwall is thrilled to announce its official partnership with Cornwall Pride, reinforcing
our commitment to equality, diversity, and inclusion across Cornwall's public transport network.

Transport for Cornwall, a partnership between Cornwall Council and all local transport operators, will
work hand-in-hand with Cornwall Pride throughout the year. This partnership aims to create a
welcoming environment on public transport where everyone can feel free to express their true selves.

This collaboration marks a significant milestone in our journey towards building a more inclusive and
welcoming transport network. By celebrating diversity, we aim to enhance not only the travel
experience but also promote a broader culture of acceptance and respect throughout Cornwall.

Together with Cornwall Pride, we look forward to a future where every journey is a celebration of
individuality and champions inclusivity.