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89 Bodmin to Truro 

Dunmere Road [Chy Trevail], Bodmin [Community Hospital], Bodmin Clock Tower, Mount Folly Shire House, Bodmin [General Station], Normandy Way, Carminnow Cross, Indian Queens [opposite Lodge Way], Victory Hall, Carworgie Way, St Columb Road, Glen View, Kerridene, Oakdene Villas, Blue Anchor, St Margarets, Kingsley Village, Summercourt [London Inn], Brighton Cross, Ladock [Falmouth Arms], Riverside Villas, Geen Mill, Tresillian [Fal Garage], Waitrose, Truro [Bus Station]


89 Truro to Bodmin 

Truro [Bus Station], Tregolls Road Hill, Waitrose, Tresillian [Fal Garage], Fairfax Road, Geen Mill, Riverside Villas, Ladock [opposite Falmouth Arms], Brighton Cross, Summercourt Beaconside, Kingsley Village, Blue Anchor, Oakdene Villas, Kerridene, Glen View, St Columb Road, Carworgie Way, Victoria Hall, Indian Queens [Lodge Way], Carminnow Cross, Normandy Way, Bodmin [General Station], Mount Folly Shire House, Bodmin Clock Tower, Bodmin [Community Hospital], Dunmere Road [Chy Trevail]