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69 Falmouth to Mylor Bridge via The Beacon | Old Hill | Penryn | Flushing 

The Moor Falmouth, Trevethen Road [Beacon School] [Lighthouse Childrens Centre] Penwerris [Post Office] Old House, Falmouth Marina [Sainsburys] [Macdonalds] Penryn Bridge [Kings Arms] Seven Stars, Saracen Way [Railway Station] Browns Hill, Truro Hill, Old Well Gardens, Bohelland Rise, Bissom Post Box, Flushing Turn, Mylor Bridge Triangle, Tregew Close, Flushing [Royal Standard] Penryn Turn, Mylor Bridge Six Turns, Penoweth, Recreational Ground, Lemon Arms [Mylor Bridge School] Springfield Park, Lemon Hill, Recreational Ground, Penoweth, Six Turns, Tregew, Flushing [Royal Standard] 


69 Mylor Bridge to Falmouth via Flushing | Penryn | Old Hill | The Beacon 

Flushing [Royal Standard] Tregew, Six Turns, Penoweth, Recreational Ground, Lemon Hill, Springfield Park, [Mylor Bridge School] Lemon Arms, Recreational Ground, Penoweth, Mylor Bridge Six Turns, Penryn Turn, Flushing [Royal Standard] Tregew Close, Mylor Bridge Triangle, Flushing Turn, Bissom Post Box, Bohelland Rise, Old Well Gardens, Truro Hill, Browns Hill, [Railway Station] Saracen Way, Seven Stars Penryn [Kings Arms] Penryn Bridge, Falmouth [Sainsburys] [Macdonalds] Marina [Post Office] Old House, Penwerris [Lighthouse Childrens Centre] [Beacon School] Trevethen Road, The Moor Falmouth