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55 Bodmin to Camelford 

Bodmin [Morrisons], Lidl, Bodmin [Mount Folly], Bodmin General Station, Council Offices, Chy Trevail, Bodmin Community Hospital, Valley View Park, Dunmere [Borough Arms], Mount Charles, St Maybyn Inn, Longstone Cross, St Tudy [Church], Wenfordbridge, Limehead, St Breward [Stores], St Breward [Old Inn], Michaelstow [Holiday Village], Camelford [Clease Road], Delabole [Post Office]


55 Camelford to Bodmin 

Delabole [opposite Smugglers], Camelford [Clease Road], Michaelstow [opposite Holiday Village], St Breward [Old Inn], St Breward [opposite Stores], Limehead, Wenfordbridge Wenford Lodge, St Tudy [Church], Longstone Cross, St Maybyn Inn, Mount Charles, Dunmere [opposite Borough Inn], Valley View Park,  Chy Trevail, Bodmin Community Hospital, Bodmin [Westheath Clock], Council Offices, Bodmin General Station, Bodmin [Mount Folly], Bodmin [Morrisons].