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515 Hayle to St Erth / Penzance 

West Cornwall Shopping Centre, A30 round about, Carwin Rise [Lidl], Penmare Terrace, Beatrice Ter, Phillack Turn, Copper Terrace [Co-op] Fore Street, Hayle Ter [Library and Day Centre] Penpol, B3301 Hayle Viaduct, Penpol Road, St Georges Road, [Hayle Academy] High Lanes, [Bodriggy Junior and Infant School] Humphry Davy Lane, Queens Way, Penpol Avenue, Penpol Road, Foundry Square, Foundry Hill, B3302 [St Michaels Hospital] Water Lane, Chenhalls Road, Tredrea Lane, Trewloweth Lane [St Erth Park and Ride] Tredea Lane, Rosevidney, Orillia [Wheal Rodney Caravan Park] Gwallon Lane [Marazion Surgery] Trevenner Lane, Turnpike Road, Fore Street Godolphin Drive [Marazion Playground] Station House, Long Rock Road Mexico Inn, A30 roundabout [Morrisons] [Halfords] [Sainsburys] Jelbert Way B3311, Chyandour Cliff, Penzance Station, 


515 Penzance to Hayle 

Penzance Station, Chyandour Cliff, B3311, Jelbert Way [Sainsburys] [Halfords] A30 roundabout [Morrisons] Long Rock Road Mexico Inn, Station House, Godolphin Drive [Marazion Playground] Fore Street, Turnpike Road, Trevenner Lane, Gwallon Lane [Marazion Surgery] [Wheal Rodney Caravan Park] Orillia, Rosevidney, Tredea Lane, Trewloweth Lane [St Erth Park and Ride] Tredrea Lane, Chenhalls Road, Water Lane, B3302 [St Michaels Hospital] Foundry Hill, Foundry Square, Penpol Road, Penpol Avenue, Queens Way, Humphry Davy Lane [Bodriggy Junior and Infant School] High Lanes [Hayle Academy] St Georges Road, Penpol Road, B3301 Hayle Viaduct, Penpol Ter, Hayle Ter [Library and Day Centre] Commercial Street, Fore Street, Market Square, Copper Ter [Co-op] Lethlean Lane [Beachside Holiday Park] Churchtown Road, Riviere Towans [Riviere Sands] Beatrice Ter, Penmare Terrace [Lidl]  A30 roundabout, West Cornwall Shopping Park