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39 Camborne to Helston 

Camborne Bus Station, Union Street, Cross Street, B3303, Veor House, South Terrace, Pendarves Road, Penware Parc, Barripper Road, Penponds Turn, Baripper, St Michaels Mount Inn, Penhale Road, Carnhell Green, [Parbola Holiday Park] Reawla opps Stores, Trenerth Road, [Calloose Caravan Park] Leeds Town Duke of Leeds, B3280, Townshend, Godolphin Mill, Godolphin Cross opp Godolphin Arms, Carleen, [Poldown Caravan Park] Sithney, A394, Hilltop Garage, St Johns Close,  A394 roundabout on to Monument Road, Helston Seven Stars, Coinagehall Street, Meneage Street, The Parade [Co-op] Trengrouse Way, Clodgey Lane, B3297 roundabout, Helston [Tesco] [Sainsuburys] 


39 Helston to Camborne 

Helston Tesco, B3297 roundabout, Clodgey Lane, Trengrouse Way, The Parade [Co-op] Meneage Street, Coinagehall Street, Helston Seven Stars, A394 roundabout on to Monument Road, St Johns Close, Hilltop Garage, A394 [Poldown Caravan Park] Sithney, Carleen, Godolphin Cross opp Godolphin Arms, Townshend, B3280, Leeds Town Duke of Leeds [Calloose Caravan Park] Trenerth Road, [Parbola Holiday Park] Reawla opps Stores, Carnhell Green, Penhale Road, St Michaels Mount Inn, Baripper, Penponds Turn, Barripper Road, Penware Parc, Pendarves Road, South Terrace, Veor House, B3303, Cross Street, Union Street, Camborne Bus Station