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22 St Austell to Truro 

St Austell Bus and Rail Station, St Austell [White River Cinema], Edgecumbe Green, Trewoon, High Street [opp Peters Hill], Foxhole, Nanpean, Whitemoor School, St Dennis, Treviscoe, St Stephen, Grampound Road [Post Office], Probus, Tresillian, Truro Bus Station. 


22 Truro to St Austell 

Truro Bus Station, Tresillian, Probus, Grampound Road [Post Office], St Stephen, Treviscoe, St Dennis, Whitemoor School, Nanpean, Foxhole, High Street [opp Peters Hill], Trewoon, Edgecumbe Green, St Austell [White River Cinema], St Austell Bus and Rail Station.