Help-Me Cards

Information cards to make travelling by bus easier

What are Help-Me cards and how do they work?

The 'Help Me' destination sign

These signs can display a destination, service number or company of your choice.

This initiative has been specifically designed to help those passengers that have difficulty seeing our destination displays on buses and bus stops and shelters. All the passenger has to do is stand at the bus stop and hold out the sign. Our drivers will look out for these signs and if their bus is applicable to you, they will pull in.

These signs will initially be available free of charge to anybody that requests them.

These destination signs take 3 working days to produce as they are made to order. When the cards are ready we will post them to you. 

The 'Help Me' card


The card is the size of a typical business card. You, or a member of our staff, will simply write what you would like the driver to know.

This is a subtle way to communicate any difficulties you may have to the driver when you get on board.

It is hoped that these two aides will make it easier for both our passengers and our drivers, especially those passengers who are hard of hearing, have difficulty speaking or are visually impaired.

You can request either of our Help-Me cards by calling our Customer Experience Team on 0808 196 2632 or by emailing us