Celebrating our apprentices during National Apprenticeship Week

5 months ago Fri 2nd Feb 2024

Go Cornwall Bus Champions National Apprenticeship Week, Spotlighting Success Stories of Engineering Apprentices

Here at Go Cornwall Bus, we are enthusiastic about celebrating National Apprenticeship Week, and are proud to showcase the success stories of our two amazing engineering apprentices.

 As a company committed to fostering growth and development, we actively participate in National Apprenticeship Week to highlight the many benefits apprenticeships bring to individuals and the broader community.

National Apprenticeship Week is an annual celebration that recognizes the invaluable contributions apprentices make to various industries. At Go Cornwall Bus, we embrace this opportunity to showcase the positive impact apprenticeships have on the lives of individuals, businesses, and the local community.

This year, Go Cornwall Bus is proud to shine a spotlight on the achievements of our two female engineering apprentices. Through hands-on experience, mentorship, and dedicated support, our apprentices gain practical skills that not only enhance their personal and professional growth but also contribute to the overall success of our organisation.

As well as our two engineering apprentices, we also have 12 level 3 and 5 level 5 management apprenticeships across both Plymouth Citybus and Go Cornwall bus.

In an industry that is traditionally male-dominated and where less than 20% of engineers in the UK are women, we are committed to breaking barriers and encouraging more females to join our engineering team, and our wider team across Plymouth Citybus, Go Cornwall Bus and Dartline.

We recently interviewed our two engineering apprentices.


Jodi (pictured above), who worked for Plymouth Citybus in another role, before becoming an engineering apprenticeship, said the following…”

“Joining the engineering team as an electrician has always been a dream career of mine for a long time. There are so many benefits to working for Plymouth Citybus and I like having the confidence in the company’s growth and I feel that the company wants you to enjoy working for them”.

Jodi continued, “I like helping drivers with their bus faults and getting them out on the road quickly. We work hard on fixing any faults that the buses have and its satisfying to be able to fix a bus and watch it go off on its route”.

Jodi concluded, “I feel very lucky to be given the chance to do a job I really enjoy. I like my job at Plymouth Citybus so I hope to stay for many years to come”.


Josie (pictured above) said, “I have always been interested in vehicles and how they work. I studied ‘Light Vehicles’ at City College, and once I finished my course, I got an interview at Plymouth Citybus. During the interview, I was offered a job or an apprenticeship. I chose the apprenticeship as I had never worked on buses or larger vehicles before and thought it would be a great way to improve my mechanical skills and knowledge.

“I love getting involved with the ‘meaty’ jobs, so the big ones that take slightly longer or need a little more care and finesse. I’d like to progress into doing breakdowns and get the relevant licences needed to tow vehicles in from breakdown with your tow wagon”.

When asked what Josie likes most about working for Plymouth Citybus, she said, “I love the feeling of being part of a bigger team. We all work well together and help each other where we can. It’s almost like a big family.

Josie had the following to say about becoming an apprentice, “I personally think this apprenticeship is one of the best decisions I have made as a career pathway. Since starting, I have really grown as a person both professionally and outside of work. I would tell anyone thinking about an apprenticeship to give it a go. Never be afraid to take the leap”.

Go Cornwall Bus actively engages in National Apprenticeship Week to underscore the advantages of apprenticeships as a valuable avenue for learning, skill development, and career progression.

"At Go Cornwall Bus, we wholeheartedly support National Apprenticeship Week because it aligns with our core values of learning, development, and community engagement," said Carolyn Giles, Director of People and Operations at Go Cornwall Bus. "We take pride in nurturing talent through apprenticeships, and our success stories show the tangible benefits that this form of education brings to individuals and organisations alike."

As we celebrate National Apprenticeship Week, Go Cornwall Bus invites individuals and businesses to join us in recognizing the positive impact of apprenticeships and exploring the opportunities they offer for personal and professional advancement.

If you are interested in learning about the apprenticeship schemes we have at Go Cornwall Bus, please get in touch today.